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Marcel Richter : Paintings 2007 to the Present

Saturday, April 23 - Saturday May 14, 2016

Deeply textured abstract paintings by internationally-exhibiting artist Marcel Richter. Mr. Richter lives and works in Maryland and has shown his work and has performed around the globe from Sydney, Australia, to Istanbul, Turkey.

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Artist's statement
I am fascinated by the concept that paint laid down on canvas or paper in a non-representational pattern can engender powerful emotions like joy, wonder, and awe in the viewer. I believe that, when this occurs, a painting must have a meaning beyond itself, and it must represent a kind of heightened energy state with which the viewer resonates at some level.

When I paint, I am also trying to capture this kind of heightened energy state. This "energy" is difficult to define and describe, yet I am certain that it exists. As I've strained to will an energetic charge onto a canvas, I've often found paint self-organize in remarkable and wonderful ways. There is something very mysterious, almost mystical to me in the act of painting.

As I explore the energetic potential of different media and combinations of media, I also explore different facets of abstraction: Abstract painting is traditionally divided into two categories: Abstraction that is still in some measure representational, where objects are distilled to their essence, and, on the other hand, abstraction that is completely non-representational and self-referential. My body of work straddles these two kinds of abstraction, but falls mostly into an area between them: I believe a painting can represent or mean something beyond itself, without divulging what that meaning is - often even to the painter him- or herself.

I hope that my works reflect and transmit, even to a small degree, the exhilaration and joy I feel when I create them."

Artist's website

Ice, 26 x 20, oil on paper
Antioch, 14 x 18, oil on canvas