Disclosure Policy

Welcome to Crary Gallery

Hi, I’m Martha Porter, and welcome to Crary Gallery! This blog is my personal journey through the worlds of fashion, lifestyle, and more. As the sole writer and editor, I pour my heart and soul into every post. Here, I share my thoughts, experiences, and discoveries without any guest contributions, ensuring that everything you read comes directly from me.

Advertising and Sponsored Content

While Crary Gallery is a personal blog, it does accept forms of advertising and occasional items for review. Sometimes, I also create sponsored posts, but rest assured that any compensation I receive does not influence my content. My primary goal is to provide honest and valuable information to my readers.

When you see advertisements on Crary Gallery, they are generated by a third-party ad network and are clearly marked as paid advertisements. This transparency helps maintain the trust I have built with my audience over time. I only recommend products and services that I genuinely believe are worth it. Your trust means everything to me, and I strive to maintain it by being honest and upfront about all advertising and sponsored content.

Reviews and Gifted Items

Occasionally, I receive products for review. If I choose to write about a gifted item, I will always disclose it as such. My policy is simple: I will only share positive reviews for products I truly endorse. If a product doesn’t meet my standards, I won’t write a negative review; instead, I’ll provide feedback directly to the company. This approach ensures that my readers receive recommendations they can trust, without any negative bias.

It’s important to note that unless stated otherwise, I am not compensated for providing opinions on products, services, websites, or various other topics. The views and opinions expressed here are purely my own. If I claim or appear to be an expert on a certain topic or product, it’s because I genuinely believe in its value based on my expertise and experience.

Affiliate Links

To help support the running of Crary Gallery, I sometimes use affiliate links. These links may earn me a small commission on some products, which helps cover various costs associated with maintaining the blog. From hosting fees to travel expenses for attending industry meetings, affiliate earnings play a crucial role in keeping Crary Gallery up and running.

By using affiliate links, I can offer valuable content without inundating the blog with sponsored posts. This allows me to maintain the quality and integrity of my content. Think of affiliate links as a way to keep the lights on here at Crary Gallery, without compromising the authentic and personal touch that makes this blog unique.

Product Review Criteria

If you’re a brand interested in having your product reviewed on Crary Gallery, please reach out to me at info@crarygallery.org. However, before you do, please consider my audience. Crary Gallery is tailored for intelligent and discerning women over 35 who appreciate quality and value. They enjoy balancing investment pieces with more affordable items in their wardrobes and homes. I am committed to only reviewing products that meet high standards of quality and relevance for my readers.

Open and Honest Blogging

Whether you’re a reader or a brand, I hope this has given you a clear understanding of my operating principles. Blogging is still a relatively new and unregulated industry, but I am dedicated to maintaining transparency and honesty in all my interactions.

Running Crary Gallery requires considerable time and effort, and while it is a labor of love, it also needs to be sustainable. The use of affiliate links and occasional sponsored content helps me keep the blog running at a high standard without compromising its integrity.